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31 May 2017

Most people keep their surplus cash in saving bank account. Keeping cash in the bank is safe and convenient, but the drawback is bank gives the interest rate is very less 5% to 6% on FD. However, investors know this returns are not surplus to gain high returns. If you required cash instantly, you cannot redeem your money from banks because in FD there is a lock-in period. So we should always keep our funds for emergency purpose. Investing your money in top Liquid funds is the best option as compared to saving bank account. Liquid Funds are money market and also having no lock-in periods; Withdrawals from liquid funds are processed within 24 hours on business days. That means if you precede request to redeem, it will be done next day at same request time. The other main important thing is there is no entry load and exit load in liquid funds. So start your investment today for a better future.


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